Long Island

Vintage House Shopping

So, after Mass, my parents and I went vintage-house shopping here. So, basically these owners welcomed anyone into their home.

They were selling their jewelry, classical books, Victorian-inspired paintings, furniture, photos, comics, CDs, and whole plethora of stuff.

We ended up buying this long lamp and a mahogany table.

Also, since my mom is super religious and superstitious, she asked about the history of those items. (My mom believes their spirits still reside in their belongings.)

Unfortunately, the currents owners had no idea about where the lamp and table came from. They just acquired most of this property from the previous owners.

Overall, the sun was shinning and I had the opportunity to learn about another family’s dwelling.

Long Island

The Chateau of Gaspar

The remnants of the Lord Gaspar’s Chateau. This was where he had plenty of masque balls and afternoon croissant delights!

Just kidding. 😛

The other day, my friend and  I took our dogs here. (It’s a great place to have your dog run around fields of grass.) I was just exploring this area and I was quite fascinated about the architecture. It reminds me of simple and peaceful times. And this was like opening a time capsule.

This is actually land that’s part of Coindre Hall in Huntington, New York and it has been around since 1912. This place hosts all sorts of events from weddings, cocktails, bar mitzvahs, and more!

Click this link to view more photos!

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Thai Faire

So, today, I went to a Thai Faire, which was not too far from my home town.

Music was blaring and people were singing on this outdoors stage. And around the place, vendors were selling all sorts of meats, noodles, treats, plants, drinks, and even clothes.

Right behind the Faire was the Temple.

By far, that was the main highlight for me. It was peaceful and cool inside. One of the monks blessed me in his native language and gave me black, marble beads as well.

Overall, the Thai Faire was a cultural and insightful experience.

This monk was totally tech savvy. I saw him using his Samsung Smartphone. I wouldn’t be surprised if he used Twitter. 😛
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Are you guys Filipinos?

Hello, Stranger #22

My mom and I were strolling through an outdoor mall and this guy walked up to us, asking, “Hey, are you guys Filipinos?”

Later on, we found out that he was half-Italiano and half-Filipino. His mother is Filipina. Thus he desired to know more about his Filipino Culture, such as the best cities to visit. Overall, he seemed pretty chill.

Long Island, People

Exploring the Sakura

Every years towards April and early May, the Sakura or Cherry Blossoms bloom for a couple of weeks.

These beautiful petals of of mixed whites and pinks fill campuses and churches, gathering people around them to enjoy and relax.

Here I was at The Shrine of Our Lady all the way out east of Long Island.

This photo was actually taken by my brother. So, I can’t take any credit for this. 😉 
Long Island

E – is for Eye

In conjunction with the 100 Strangers Project, I’m also doing the Alphabet Photo Challenge, which involves finding things or even animals that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet.

Here is the eye of my doggie Cookie! He is so obedient with me making photos of him. It makes me think he secretly is vain. ;P

Long Island, People

Free Comic Book Day

“Is this where the free comics are?” I asked to the back of several heads who were staring at a towering shelf of comics.

One guy turned to my side and answered, “Yeah, this whole stack of comics.”

In almost every comic-book store across the country, moms, kids, teens, even grown men reached over to scavenger the plethora of varied comics from television shows, manga or Japanese comics, superheroes, and more.

It was ubiquitous.

Although, I’m not much of a fan of comics, I figure it’ll be a great resource for teaching English to non-native speakers.

Overall, I had a grand time jumping up and down and fooling around the store with friends and even photographing unbeknowest strangers.

That’s me jumping randomly.  Photo by Oppa.