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Night Life in China Town

The rain was pouring down on my friends and I. We only owned one umbrella and some hoodies. Yet, exploring the downtown part of the city when the natural lights were gone was a magical experience.

Towards the evening, sellers, whom were mostly older women, sold fruits and veggies and perhaps other types of food in these outdoor markets that were only protected by plastic rooftops.

Red, white, and other colorful lights hung across buildings. People still wandered through the streets, took shelter under buildings roofs, or even bargained with sellers for umbrellas.

Overall, it was an experience under a summer monsoon.

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Thai Faire

So, today, I went to a Thai Faire, which was not too far from my home town.

Music was blaring and people were singing on this outdoors stage. And around the place, vendors were selling all sorts of meats, noodles, treats, plants, drinks, and even clothes.

Right behind the Faire was the Temple.

By far, that was the main highlight for me. It was peaceful and cool inside. One of the monks blessed me in his native language and gave me black, marble beads as well.

Overall, the Thai Faire was a cultural and insightful experience.

This monk was totally tech savvy. I saw him using his Samsung Smartphone. I wouldn’t be surprised if he used Twitter. 😛
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Fun at Fleet Week 2018


I had the most splendid time meeting the armed members of the Marines and the Navy! It was my third time yet it was just fun for me to be all giddy around men in uniform.

Fleet Week in New York is when the armed service members of the Navy and Marines enter through the city and give the public a free tour of their equipment and even who they are.

usmarinespearmanbetter3Here I was checking out this weaponry all awkwardly.

“How’s it goin’?” said the Marine as he came over and showed me the dials and the overall function of this rocket. He was pretty chill, answering my random questions. He owned a Canon Camera, too.

firstsailor1This was the first sailor that I met on board the ship and whom shook my hand. He has been serving for over two years now.

Thank you for allowing us to interact with your vehicles, weapons, and getting to talk to you. And, most of all, thank you so much for your services, too! 😀

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Are you guys Filipinos?

Hello, Stranger #22

My mom and I were strolling through an outdoor mall and this guy walked up to us, asking, “Hey, are you guys Filipinos?”

Later on, we found out that he was half-Italiano and half-Filipino. His mother is Filipina. Thus he desired to know more about his Filipino Culture, such as the best cities to visit. Overall, he seemed pretty chill.

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May: The Streets of New York

Care for a hotdog?
I thought her pink haircolor was cool.
Seems like everyone enjoys smartphone on the streets these days.
Sleeping on the job.
All heading to Broadway.  Maybe it’s for Frozen? 😛

All of these were shot with Panasonic Lumix LX 100. Taking photos of strangers is not as fun as asking strangers’ for their permission to be photographed. However, the dynamic scenes and sense of vibrancy was super fun to shoot!

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Exploring the Sakura

Every years towards April and early May, the Sakura or Cherry Blossoms bloom for a couple of weeks.

These beautiful petals of of mixed whites and pinks fill campuses and churches, gathering people around them to enjoy and relax.

Here I was at The Shrine of Our Lady all the way out east of Long Island.

This photo was actually taken by my brother. So, I can’t take any credit for this. 😉 
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Free Comic Book Day

“Is this where the free comics are?” I asked to the back of several heads who were staring at a towering shelf of comics.

One guy turned to my side and answered, “Yeah, this whole stack of comics.”

In almost every comic-book store across the country, moms, kids, teens, even grown men reached over to scavenger the plethora of varied comics from television shows, manga or Japanese comics, superheroes, and more.

It was ubiquitous.

Although, I’m not much of a fan of comics, I figure it’ll be a great resource for teaching English to non-native speakers.

Overall, I had a grand time jumping up and down and fooling around the store with friends and even photographing unbeknowest strangers.

That’s me jumping randomly.  Photo by Oppa.